Ow, My Ear!

Damnit. Another ear infection. Not as bad as the one last year, though, but still annoying. One thing about the ear infections I suffer is that they always seem to come at the worst time. I went to the health clinic at 07:45 and it opened up at 08:00. I waited until 08:30 when they started receiving patients and I got a time for 10:40. Returned home, showered, ate, and I was back at the clinic at about 10:30. The doctor calls me at about 10:50 and she was busy as hell, answering the phone every 3 minutes. It must be a pain to be a doctor in the public health system, since you don’t have a chance of taking care of your patient properly. I basically told her what prescriptions I was expecting her to give me and then she gave me them. Might aswell just cut the middle man and have me get the medicine straight from the pharmacy in that case. 😛 Well, hopefully I’ll be fine in a day or two.

We got a birthday party for Sofia coming up with lots of attendees. Should be fun. 😀 At least we’ll get lots of nice pictures, I bet. And cake. Hopefully there will be cake.

I’ll be attending my brother’s graduation ceremony on Monday. I still don’t have a black suit or a white shirt, both of which were mandatory. Also gotta pick up Blood Meridian from the library, but that might also happen on Monday. It’ll be a busy day.

If all goes according to plan we’ll start recording vocals for Smothered and LCD on Tuesday. It’ll most likely take 2-4 nights of recording vocals until we get everything done.

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