Untie Me For Now

Photochopped a picture of Sofia yesterday that came out pretty nice!

Sofia waiting for her pizza.

Mercalli XII stuff is progressing slowly, but surely. I still need to fill the website with content before making it public, although the website is already accessible for anyone with a tiny sense of curiosity and Google.

Played some football today. Sometimes I feel so light I could run for hours on end, but other times I feel like I can barely move. Had some problems with my left leg when running longer distances, but I’m hoping it’s just some temporary ailment. Gonna run tomorrow again.. Let’s see how it behaves.

My Tiny Tower is already up to level 37! It’s starting to feel like a pointless game now, since there’s nothing new to discover, apart from the most expensive elevator and the new stores, but I’ve basically got the game figured out, so managing it has become nothing but a mechanical task.

Like life itself.


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