Under Construction/Control

Stuff’s moving. We recorded the bass for Smothered and LCD on the weekend, so that’s outta the way. Now all that’s left is recording some guitar and vocals then post-production. My initial estimation regarding when we’d have it out was way too optimistic, but you can’t account for everything… Although you should account for not being able to account for everything. We’ll have our website up in some time, too, but that’s still under construction.

Visited my cousin with Sofia and Mia. It’s fun to spend time with other people who have kids.. Who would’ve guessed. Sofia got some new shoes and Mia got some new movies.

Still feels like there aren’t enough hours in a day. So many things to do, but rarely is my to-do list empty at the end of the day. It doesn’t stress me out, though, cos it feels like I’ve got stuff under control. Things that need to be done are done, but things with loose timetables seem to drag on and on sometimes.

And soon I’ll have to find a job…


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