That Feeling

You know that feeling when you gotta get tons of stuff done as fast as possible? I love it. I’m calling KELA while at the same time cleaning the apartment, writing this post, writing email, washing and sterilizing baby bottles and practicing to identify frequencies. It’s not stress if I enjoy it, right? 😀

Started writing a new song for Mercalli XII yesterday based on an idea I’ve been toying with lately. Sometimes just picking up the guitar inspires me to write music, which is also an awesome feeling. We’re gonna practice today again, yay! That’s once per week now.

Played Project Reality for four hours yesterday! Pretty intense and fun. I also played in a match as a medic a few days ago, which was also intense, requiring 100% concentration for two full hours.

My CouchTo10k is up to its ninth week now. I did 7 mins of jogging, 2 mins of walking times seven today in the pouring rain. There’s a strange sensation I get from running in the rain. It makes me go faster.

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