She Painted Fire Across the Skyline

Been working on the Mercalli XII site. It’s a bit hard to change stuff since I don’t know how the whole CSS/PHP/WTF thing works, so all layout changes are made through trial and error changes to the code. Fortunately, I’ve only had to remove stuff thus far and that’s usually only a question of deleting a line or two, or adding an exclamation point inside the brackets, which seems to do the trick. Anyone with any experience in this field will laugh at me. 😀

Mia’s been working most days lately so I’ve been home with Sofia, which is fun, but she seems to crave a lot more attention than earlier, which is a bit arduous. She’s learned some new games, for example running behind her bed when I run after her. 😛 She also seems to have learned to kick and throw balls, which is quite amusing. Rudimentary coordination, here we go!

Think it might be time to go to bed now.



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