Juha Loves Movies.. and eating

We went to see Super 8 with Mia the other night. It was okay, nothing special, I gave it 7/10 stars on IMDb. I realize my system of rating movies on IMDb might be a bit flawed, what with having around 7-8 movies that I’ve given a full 10 stars. Not sure how I’d go about solving this… Maybe I should just go through every movie and re-evaluate my thoughts on them, although I’m not sure that would be fair, either, because I view some movies in a different light now, several years after initially seeing them. Movie critic Leonard Maltin doesn’t give stars to movies that have just been released and I think he might be on to something there. 😀

We also ate at Chico’s, which is always tasty. Speaking of which, I’ve lost some weight recently due to eating less and jogging regularly, which is nice. My current aim is to get down to 85kg, but ONCE (not if) I get there I probably will want to lose even more weight, but I guess muscle mass will replace the fat, so I might not be able to lose more than that.

The title of this psot is a nod to Doug Benson and his podcast Doug Loves Movies, which I love.

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