Another Theme Change

I noticed the earlier theme messed up the images, so I changed theme again. I’m digging the colour!

I’ve almost read The Road now. Only about 30 pages left and I’m already planning the next book I’ll read. It’ll most probably be another Cormac McCarthy book.. Maybe Blood Meridian.

Next weekend we’ll be recording the bass and the rest of guitars for Smothered and LCD, but recording the vocals have been postponed by a week, so it’ll be a while until we get them done.

Makeshift and S.H.Arkfister both received five stars on! I dunno who gave them five stars, but it’s nice to know someone likes our music. 😀 I’ve also been toying with the thought of releasing some kind of a torrent package of our music, but I’m not entirely sure how it should be done.. Gotta look into it.

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