That Feeling

You know that feeling when you gotta get tons of stuff done as fast as possible? I love it. I’m calling KELA while at the same time cleaning the apartment, writing this post, writing email, washing and sterilizing baby bottles and practicing to identify frequencies. It’s not stress if I enjoy it, right? 😀

Started writing a new song for Mercalli XII yesterday based on an idea I’ve been toying with lately. Sometimes just picking up the guitar inspires me to write music, which is also an awesome feeling. We’re gonna practice today again, yay! That’s once per week now.

Played Project Reality for four hours yesterday! Pretty intense and fun. I also played in a match as a medic a few days ago, which was also intense, requiring 100% concentration for two full hours.

My CouchTo10k is up to its ninth week now. I did 7 mins of jogging, 2 mins of walking times seven today in the pouring rain. There’s a strange sensation I get from running in the rain. It makes me go faster.


Not much of interest going on. I’m thinking about giving up gaming until Skyrim is released in November, since games don’t really feel like fun at the moment.

Haven’t felt truly inspired in ages to create new music, although I wish I would have been. Problem about Mercalli XII is that I’m trying to create songs that are of similar quality and style, which isn’t really my strongest side. In some sense it’s an interesting challenge, but most songs that I start writing just become stuck or hard to continue…

Untie Me For Now

Photochopped a picture of Sofia yesterday that came out pretty nice!

Sofia waiting for her pizza.

Mercalli XII stuff is progressing slowly, but surely. I still need to fill the website with content before making it public, although the website is already accessible for anyone with a tiny sense of curiosity and Google.

Played some football today. Sometimes I feel so light I could run for hours on end, but other times I feel like I can barely move. Had some problems with my left leg when running longer distances, but I’m hoping it’s just some temporary ailment. Gonna run tomorrow again.. Let’s see how it behaves.

My Tiny Tower is already up to level 37! It’s starting to feel like a pointless game now, since there’s nothing new to discover, apart from the most expensive elevator and the new stores, but I’ve basically got the game figured out, so managing it has become nothing but a mechanical task.

Like life itself.


She Painted Fire Across the Skyline

Been working on the Mercalli XII site. It’s a bit hard to change stuff since I don’t know how the whole CSS/PHP/WTF thing works, so all layout changes are made through trial and error changes to the code. Fortunately, I’ve only had to remove stuff thus far and that’s usually only a question of deleting a line or two, or adding an exclamation point inside the brackets, which seems to do the trick. Anyone with any experience in this field will laugh at me. 😀

Mia’s been working most days lately so I’ve been home with Sofia, which is fun, but she seems to crave a lot more attention than earlier, which is a bit arduous. She’s learned some new games, for example running behind her bed when I run after her. 😛 She also seems to have learned to kick and throw balls, which is quite amusing. Rudimentary coordination, here we go!

Think it might be time to go to bed now.



Juha Loves Movies.. and eating

We went to see Super 8 with Mia the other night. It was okay, nothing special, I gave it 7/10 stars on IMDb. I realize my system of rating movies on IMDb might be a bit flawed, what with having around 7-8 movies that I’ve given a full 10 stars. Not sure how I’d go about solving this… Maybe I should just go through every movie and re-evaluate my thoughts on them, although I’m not sure that would be fair, either, because I view some movies in a different light now, several years after initially seeing them. Movie critic Leonard Maltin doesn’t give stars to movies that have just been released and I think he might be on to something there. 😀

We also ate at Chico’s, which is always tasty. Speaking of which, I’ve lost some weight recently due to eating less and jogging regularly, which is nice. My current aim is to get down to 85kg, but ONCE (not if) I get there I probably will want to lose even more weight, but I guess muscle mass will replace the fat, so I might not be able to lose more than that.

The title of this psot is a nod to Doug Benson and his podcast Doug Loves Movies, which I love.

Under Construction/Control

Stuff’s moving. We recorded the bass for Smothered and LCD on the weekend, so that’s outta the way. Now all that’s left is recording some guitar and vocals then post-production. My initial estimation regarding when we’d have it out was way too optimistic, but you can’t account for everything… Although you should account for not being able to account for everything. We’ll have our website up in some time, too, but that’s still under construction.

Visited my cousin with Sofia and Mia. It’s fun to spend time with other people who have kids.. Who would’ve guessed. Sofia got some new shoes and Mia got some new movies.

Still feels like there aren’t enough hours in a day. So many things to do, but rarely is my to-do list empty at the end of the day. It doesn’t stress me out, though, cos it feels like I’ve got stuff under control. Things that need to be done are done, but things with loose timetables seem to drag on and on sometimes.

And soon I’ll have to find a job…



Helped out my friend Tomppa with a house his family is building. It made me realize how lucky I am not having to engage in manual labour very often. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s enjoyable to some extent depending on my mood, but not if it’s prolonged and arduous. And eventually my places start aching. 😀

I’ve felt really tired lately.. Dunno why exactly. Haven’t had any more stuff to do than usually, but everything just feels fatiguing. Gotta figure it out.

We’ll be recording the bass parts for Smothered/LCD today, hopefully.

Finished reading The Road. The ending was different from what I expected and I’m not sure if I’m disappointed by it. I think I’ll be picking up some other book soon; kinda promised myself I’d keep reading fiction.

Another Theme Change

I noticed the earlier theme messed up the images, so I changed theme again. I’m digging the colour!

I’ve almost read The Road now. Only about 30 pages left and I’m already planning the next book I’ll read. It’ll most probably be another Cormac McCarthy book.. Maybe Blood Meridian.

Next weekend we’ll be recording the bass and the rest of guitars for Smothered and LCD, but recording the vocals have been postponed by a week, so it’ll be a while until we get them done.

Makeshift and S.H.Arkfister both received five stars on! I dunno who gave them five stars, but it’s nice to know someone likes our music. 😀 I’ve also been toying with the thought of releasing some kind of a torrent package of our music, but I’m not entirely sure how it should be done.. Gotta look into it.

LCD Guitars

Right! Recorded the guitars for LCD a few days ago and if I get the opportunity I’ll record the guitars for Smothered today! The intro might’ve been too long for LCD and I might have to re-record it. The difficulty was in recording something that’s in free time, which should then catch up with the tempo in Pro Tools at the right moment… Another alternative is to make a tempo map with an increasing tempo, but I’m not sure if that’ll get the right feel to it. Ah, the problems of the privileged white man..

Donated some money to SPR, although I’m a bit skeptical regarding how it’ll used. Best way to contribute to charity would be to donate time, but time is all I don’t have, when I’m taking care of a 10-month-old child and a 246-month-old child.

Already got a bunch of smaller tasks out of the way today. Organizing my shit I need to do was the most efficient thing I’ve ever done in my life. Less think’y, more do’y!

I also opened up a page for Mercalli XII at, a Finnish music distributing service. Take a look if it’s your portal of choice!

Time to get Sofia out of bed.