How Rare

What a rare morning! No kid around so I can start the day as lazily as I want!

If all goes well we’ll be recording Miiro’s guitars for Smothered and LCD tomorrow and if everything goes really well we’ll also be rehearsing on Thursday! Feels like it’s been ages since we played together so would be cool to rawk out again.

Watched Groundhog Day the other day and it was an awesome movie. My favourite type of entertainment is one that makes you question things: what just happened, who are you, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll laugh my ass off watching some clips on or being scared witless by something like The Orphanage, but stuff that makes me question my own thoughts and beliefs just blows my mind.

Listening to the new Symphony X album Iconoclast. I haven’t really given it a good listening yet, although I should’ve. I’ve loved most albums by Symphony X and I suspect I’ll grow fond of this one, too, if I just give it a few proper listenings. The album seems to be following in the footprints of their earlier album Paradise Lost in terms of orchestrations and soundscape.

Right. Enough ramble, time to get things done..

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