Enter the Studio

It’s time to record some new material with Mercalli XII. We’ll be starting off with the drums this weekend at an unknown secret location on the dark side of the moon. Or just a friend’s training flat. Whichever ends up being cheaper. Like I speculated earlier the two songs we’re recording are Smothered and LCD, and it’s about time, really. Smothered is in a good shape and LCD is okay; we still have some issues that need to be sorted out in today’s training session. On Saturday I’ll record the demo guitars for LCD and if all goes well we’ll have the drums for both tracks done by Sunday evening.

I’ve been playing on the Warband RP server again, although I’m not sure if I wanna keep doing so. It can be time-consuming and not awfully rewarding in the short-run, which makes it a bit boring. I’ve also been playing Borderlands, which is really fun! Got a Hunter-class character with sniper rifles and what not. My total playing time is about 2-3 hours now and this might actually be a single player game I finish.. First one in a long time.


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