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Just moved (ran and walked) 7km! A new record for me. I had a week’s pause in my running training, because my throat was acting up and it only cleared up yesterday, so I’m happy I still manage to keep up with the iPhone app I’m using called Couch to 10k.

Been playing some more Borderlands: I’m up to level 20 now! I think I might’ve finished about a third of the game, but I’m not really sure. I scrapped my plans regarding the PR Branch in IG. I’m seriously contemplating joining another clan for playing Project Reality, but I’m not sure if I’ve got the time with all the other things I’m up to.

Visited my brother Jari and his girlfriend Minna in Leppävaara yesterday. Minna made some awesome pizza! I think I should try using better ingredients when I make my own pizza.. Sofia had fun playing with both of them, although she seemed to shy away from my brother at first.

I compiled the drums for both Smothered and LCD in the last two days. Tomorrow we’ll probably finish editing them with Pate. It’ll take ages until we get to record the bass, though, cos Juho is still serving our proud nation fighting foreign wars. I’m probs gonna start recording my guitars this week or next week, depending on how much time and inspiration I’ve got on my hands.

The Secret of Sound... Broken instruments.

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