Theme Change!

Changed the theme for the website. I’m digging the minimalism. Time to put on some Philip Glass and enjoy…

Not much going on lately. Just playing Project Reality, and surviving from day to day. Almost finished reading The Road, though.

We recorded some guitars for the Smothered/LCD demo and we’ll record some more tomorrow! Maybe tomorrow. Probably tomorrow.

How Rare

What a rare morning! No kid around so I can start the day as lazily as I want!

If all goes well we’ll be recording Miiro’s guitars for Smothered and LCD tomorrow and if everything goes really well we’ll also be rehearsing on Thursday! Feels like it’s been ages since we played together so would be cool to rawk out again.

Watched Groundhog Day the other day and it was an awesome movie. My favourite type of entertainment is one that makes you question things: what just happened, who are you, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll laugh my ass off watching some clips on or being scared witless by something like The Orphanage, but stuff that makes me question my own thoughts and beliefs just blows my mind.

Listening to the new Symphony X album Iconoclast. I haven’t really given it a good listening yet, although I should’ve. I’ve loved most albums by Symphony X and I suspect I’ll grow fond of this one, too, if I just give it a few proper listenings. The album seems to be following in the footprints of their earlier album Paradise Lost in terms of orchestrations and soundscape.

Right. Enough ramble, time to get things done..


So I updated the Mercalli XII section last night and I intend to update it monthly from now on. It’ll work as the de facto website until we get a real one. I’ll still be doing smaller updates in posts, but the bigger picture will be more visible on that page.

I’m tired as hell! I need to sleep, but there are tons of things I need to do, including looking after Sofia for the next eight hours. Fortunately, she will probably sleep two of those hours the rest I’ll just try to stay awake with the power of.. my will.. or coffee..  or whatever I can think of.

Oooh, looks like it’ll be rainy for the rest of the day.

... from the lacerated sky.

Back to Running

Just moved (ran and walked) 7km! A new record for me. I had a week’s pause in my running training, because my throat was acting up and it only cleared up yesterday, so I’m happy I still manage to keep up with the iPhone app I’m using called Couch to 10k.

Been playing some more Borderlands: I’m up to level 20 now! I think I might’ve finished about a third of the game, but I’m not really sure. I scrapped my plans regarding the PR Branch in IG. I’m seriously contemplating joining another clan for playing Project Reality, but I’m not sure if I’ve got the time with all the other things I’m up to.

Visited my brother Jari and his girlfriend Minna in Leppävaara yesterday. Minna made some awesome pizza! I think I should try using better ingredients when I make my own pizza.. Sofia had fun playing with both of them, although she seemed to shy away from my brother at first.

I compiled the drums for both Smothered and LCD in the last two days. Tomorrow we’ll probably finish editing them with Pate. It’ll take ages until we get to record the bass, though, cos Juho is still serving our proud nation fighting foreign wars. I’m probs gonna start recording my guitars this week or next week, depending on how much time and inspiration I’ve got on my hands.

The Secret of Sound... Broken instruments.


We set up Pate’s drums and the recording gear yesterday with great success! Stuff sounds pretty good, but the true test will be today. Two songs to record in about eight hours should be easy enough, but as is usual in the recording business, there might be unexpected setbacks. Finally got my recording gear put to good use, too! Stay tuned for updates..

The Artist.


The view from the OH mics.


Cockpit of the Death Star.


Choke dat madapaka.

Enter the Studio

It’s time to record some new material with Mercalli XII. We’ll be starting off with the drums this weekend at an unknown secret location on the dark side of the moon. Or just a friend’s training flat. Whichever ends up being cheaper. Like I speculated earlier the two songs we’re recording are Smothered and LCD, and it’s about time, really. Smothered is in a good shape and LCD is okay; we still have some issues that need to be sorted out in today’s training session. On Saturday I’ll record the demo guitars for LCD and if all goes well we’ll have the drums for both tracks done by Sunday evening.

I’ve been playing on the Warband RP server again, although I’m not sure if I wanna keep doing so. It can be time-consuming and not awfully rewarding in the short-run, which makes it a bit boring. I’ve also been playing Borderlands, which is really fun! Got a Hunter-class character with sniper rifles and what not. My total playing time is about 2-3 hours now and this might actually be a single player game I finish.. First one in a long time.


Makeshift Released

So we finally released Makeshift!…  ‘s demo. Took a pretty long time to finish it, but it’s finally done. Overall, I’m pretty happy with how it sounds like, but of course if I would’ve invested more time into it, it would be better. The sounds are generally nice, there are a few mistakes in my playing (one glaring one in the lonely riff part), and some stuff I could’ve mixed better but like I said, I’m pleased with how it turned out.

Mercalli XII – Makeshift

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Shape of Things to Come

Pate was here yesterday and we pretty much finished mixing Makeshift. Still a few things I need to fix (which I assume I will do today, after I get a whole bunch of other things done that need to be done), but it’s looking good!

The heat outside is killing me. Quite literally earlier when I was playing football, cos I was pushing myself to victory.

Forever haunted by nightmares.


Visited my cousin’s family with Sofia yesterday! It was good fun to see Sofia play with other children, since I haven’t really witnessed that first-hand before. She wasn’t exactly polite in the way she behaved; taking toys out of other kids’ hands, but maybe she’ll learn to play nice once she gets older.

Been busy with music stuff, too. I’ve mixed some stuff and also I bought a plug-in emulation of the Fairchild 670 compressor, but I haven’t really gotten around to testing it yet. We’re laying the finishing touches on Makeshift tomorrow with Pate and waiting for Ari’s approval before sending it out to the internets for people to enjoy.

The second episode of True Blood’s fourth season aired a few nights ago, but I haven’t gotten around to watching it yet. I  read some more of The Road, which is really a nice book in a gruesome way.

Here’s another video that Pate edited together of our little jam session a few weeks ago:

Mixshifting Makeshift

Finally finished a decent mix of Makeshift. Gonna ask the band what the dig and then we might put it on for other people to enjoy as well. Mixing is fun in some sense but annoying in another. Must be cos I’m doing it at home where the acoustic environment is shit and array of plug-ins available is laughable. Once we buy more furniture it’ll get better… I’ve also been practicing playing guitar which is something I haven’t quite frankly done in ages. I’ve been playing MXII songs mostly.

Started reading Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. This far it’s been awesome. His writing style is very different from anything I’ve encountered earlier and it took me a while to get used to it, but I think I might take up reading his other books, too. I should definitely be reading more. It’s something I like and it soothes me, but somehow I seem to avoid it, unless I find a book I really like. Duh. Also reading The Music Producer’s Handbook by Bobby Owsinski, but that’s coming along slower.

I lead a few public games in Project Reality and it’s quite fun! Still no Branch in IG, though. There was a sale on games on Steam, so I bought a few for pretty cheap. I got Garry’s Mod for 2,50 euros and there are these RP servers that are okay’ish, but nothing mind-blowing. I also bought Oblivion and tried to start it, but it was kinda meh. I’ll try again later. Skyrim will rox my sox once it’s out, though.

Gonna go play football soon and I’m hoping it’s not too hot outside. At least the sun isn’t shining for once..