A quick update before the electricity is turned off for two hours, although there’s not much of interest going on.

I opened a Twitter account, and you can see the feed on the right side of the page. So if you’re getting low on Juha between blog updates you can just follow me for some crazy daily updates.

Wrote a 2700 word Charter for a Project Reality Branch in IG. Don’t think I’ve ever written anything that long before and it was pretty fun. I like writing, but I rarely have anything smart to write about except my own life, which some would argue isn’t a smart thing to write about either. Dunno if the Branch will happen though.. I haven’t really played a lot of games since I stopped playing M&B cos of that damn archerspam.

In other news, dunno if I mentioned it already but I finished writing the sixth song for Mercalli XII. Half down, half to go. Now all we need to do is practice them, record them and start gigging and voilĂ : superstardom. Although maybe it won’t be that easy.

Ack, better start turning electrical appliances off before it all blows up.

Summer Sofia



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