Middle of the Night

Writing this abouts one in the night. Found a cool band called Blakfish. I’m really loving their album called Champions and song titles like Ringo Starr – 2nd Best Drummer in the Beatles. I urge anyone interested in music to check it out! Tomorrow I’m gonna go to our practice flat with Pate and play some musiiiic and perhaps we’ll release some tidbits for the world to amaze at. Been ages since I jammed with Pate so it should be interesting. 😀

Nina was visiting us today. Went out for a walk with her and Sofia, and we went to the store to buy some ice cream.. I actually took two, ha! Take that, welfare state! Also went out for a jog earlier today. Bought the running sneakers I was talking about earlier, so I’ve jogged this 3km route three times now and it feels pretty good! Otherwise I’ve been feeling pretty strange lately. A lack of purpose and direction again, so I gotta pick up myself again and figure shit out.

Had a proper training with MXII last Sunday resulting in a fourth song being somewhat ready. Still needs practice, though. Practice makes perfect.. Or at least adequate, hopefully. Blakfish is a bit like SikTh but less metal and more rock, but still heavy at times. Proper math rock. Cool sounds. Check it. Gonna go do other stuff now, while I still haz a motivayshun.

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