LCD Jogging Teeth

I’ve been working on some ideas for recording Smothered and LCD. It’s good practice at pre-production, analyzing our songs and doing production timetables and what not. This should really make the whole process of recording the songs a bit more straight-forward.

Gonna go out for a jog today, even though the weather is a bit shitty. I’ve been out running in the rain a few times earlier and it’s not that bad, really. Not gonna be a lot of people out there anyway, since it’s St. John’s Eve or whatever it’s called in English.

Sofi’s already got four teeth, although the two upper ones are barely visible. We also started brushing her teeth with toothpaste, which she, fortunately, doesn’t seem to protest too much.

Visited the Employment Office yesterday and I’m on my way to getting a job! Or at least benefits until I can find a job. If there’s something you need me to do and you’re willing to pay me, don’t hesitate to call!

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