Damn It’s Hot

Fortunately, I don’t need to leave the apartment for work or anything. I’ve got some weird allergy thing going on which is annoying as hell, too! Some damn mosquitoes also sucked blood out of me. I’m starting to re-evaluate the niceness of summer. 😀 Maybe it’ll get better and easier.

We talked over the Smothered/LCD recording with Pate and reached an amiable conclusion regarding the point of it. Progress! Now we just have to wait for a reply regarding studio price and we’ll start recording the drums, yay. In the meanwhile I’ll be writing more songs (I’ll try finishing the lyrics to Cigarette Gaze today) and practicing the songs we have.

Sofia is screaming on the balcony and I bet the neighbours are loving it. 😀 She stayed with my aunt yesterday and apparently screamed enough to scare my cousin’s younger child. Probably gonna grow up to be a singer in a screamo band or something. I don’t mind the screaming as long as it doesn’t happen in the middle of the night..

Played some Project Reality tonight with a few of the IG guys and it was pretty fun! My squad-leading skills are improving and I’m starting to understand how to win. I wouldn’t mind finding some other interesting game, though. I tried out the Duke Nukem Forever demo and was disappointed, but that was expected. Gonna try some other games while waiting for Minecraft to get the adventure update and Skyrim to be released in November.

I’ve also been contemplating if I should get Spotify… No conclusion yet!

Check out this vid Pate made. Pretty awesome. 😳 Yea. I’m gonna be the one editing the next video apparently. 👿

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