Jari visited us yesterday and it was fun talking to him properly after a long time. Amazing how he manages to buy faulty products.

I finally received my degree! I’m officially an audiovisualist now. 😉 Time to start looking for a job, although somehow I suspect I might not be getting a full-time job doing audio stuff, as it requires connections I don’t yet have. I’m still gonna send out applications to any place I deem interesting enough..

Managed to finish the lyrics for Gift bringing our total number of written songs up to six, so my job as song writer is half-way finished from my goal of writing 12 songs! Not sure what I’ll be working on next.. Either Cop Car Chase or Cigarette Gaze, I think. Then there’e still JFK, Triage, Weird with the Beard and Hook, Line, Sinker… Goal is to finish them by the end of summer, which might be a bit unrealistic, but still a worthy challenge.

Game of Thrones is pretty much the best series I’ve ever seen. Right up there with The Pacific, Band of Brothers and other HBO masterpieces. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, do so now! Great character development and plot twists.

Right, enough for now, time to feed Sofia.

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