Damn It’s Hot

Fortunately, I don’t need to leave the apartment for work or anything. I’ve got some weird allergy thing going on which is annoying as hell, too! Some damn mosquitoes also sucked blood out of me. I’m starting to re-evaluate the niceness of summer. 😀 Maybe it’ll get better and easier.

We talked over the Smothered/LCD recording with Pate and reached an amiable conclusion regarding the point of it. Progress! Now we just have to wait for a reply regarding studio price and we’ll start recording the drums, yay. In the meanwhile I’ll be writing more songs (I’ll try finishing the lyrics to Cigarette Gaze today) and practicing the songs we have.

Sofia is screaming on the balcony and I bet the neighbours are loving it. 😀 She stayed with my aunt yesterday and apparently screamed enough to scare my cousin’s younger child. Probably gonna grow up to be a singer in a screamo band or something. I don’t mind the screaming as long as it doesn’t happen in the middle of the night..

Played some Project Reality tonight with a few of the IG guys and it was pretty fun! My squad-leading skills are improving and I’m starting to understand how to win. I wouldn’t mind finding some other interesting game, though. I tried out the Duke Nukem Forever demo and was disappointed, but that was expected. Gonna try some other games while waiting for Minecraft to get the adventure update and Skyrim to be released in November.

I’ve also been contemplating if I should get Spotify… No conclusion yet!

Check out this vid Pate made. Pretty awesome. 😳 Yea. I’m gonna be the one editing the next video apparently. 👿


We visited Mia’s parents and sister last night with Sofia. It was loads of fun and Sofia had a chance to play with some different toys for once.

I should not be jogging right in the morning. Tried that yesterday and it was horrible to the point that it barely felt like exercising. On top of that I think I’m allergic to something that’s in the air right now, because my nose is ITCHY. Can’t remember the last time I’ve sneezed this many times during the course of two days.

I’ve been listening to Greg Proops’ podcast, which is awesome! Great stories and ramblings from a funny guy with proper English skills.

Oh well, better get back to stuff that needs to be done…

P.S. Check out this new video of me and Pate jamming.

LCD Jogging Teeth

I’ve been working on some ideas for recording Smothered and LCD. It’s good practice at pre-production, analyzing our songs and doing production timetables and what not. This should really make the whole process of recording the songs a bit more straight-forward.

Gonna go out for a jog today, even though the weather is a bit shitty. I’ve been out running in the rain a few times earlier and it’s not that bad, really. Not gonna be a lot of people out there anyway, since it’s St. John’s Eve or whatever it’s called in English.

Sofi’s already got four teeth, although the two upper ones are barely visible. We also started brushing her teeth with toothpaste, which she, fortunately, doesn’t seem to protest too much.

Visited the Employment Office yesterday and I’m on my way to getting a job! Or at least benefits until I can find a job. If there’s something you need me to do and you’re willing to pay me, don’t hesitate to call!

Back to the Ol’ Grind

Visited my old job with Sofia today. She managed to charm everyone yet again, but she’s got a gift for that. 😀 She also managed to rock out on the drums.

Discussed about recording some more MXII stuff with Pate and Ari and we brainstormed on the matter somewhat successfully. Now all that needs to be done is decision-making, which usually is the hardest part of starting any project. We’ll need some mic stands and I’d hate to buy more of them, cos there’s not much else I use them for. No point in having five mic stands around when I record drums about thrice a year. 😛 Guess that’s what attics and basements are for..

Finally seeing some graspable results to my exercising, but I’m trying hard not to get carried away. Woke up at 8:30 to run this morning to run 5km and that was quite of a hell.

To Tuska or not to Tuska

Last year I had a great time at Tuska seeing great bands I’ve never seen live before. This year I’m not too sure if I’m gonna go, cos I’m not too stoked about most of the performers, even though there are a bunch of good ones I wanna see, like Meshuggah, At the Gates and Devin, but since the ticket prices are pretty wicked, I’m not sure if it’s worth it.

Played some football yesterday with Tomppa. All the exercising I’ve been doing lately is starting to become noticeable, since I’m not winded after running small distances anymore. I’ve also been eating a lot healthier lately, except for the few pizzas here and there, but that’s just basic sustenance. 😀

Gotta get back to doing stuff on my to-do list.


A quick update before the electricity is turned off for two hours, although there’s not much of interest going on.

I opened a Twitter account, and you can see the feed on the right side of the page. So if you’re getting low on Juha between blog updates you can just follow me for some crazy daily updates.

Wrote a 2700 word Charter for a Project Reality Branch in IG. Don’t think I’ve ever written anything that long before and it was pretty fun. I like writing, but I rarely have anything smart to write about except my own life, which some would argue isn’t a smart thing to write about either. Dunno if the Branch will happen though.. I haven’t really played a lot of games since I stopped playing M&B cos of that damn archerspam.

In other news, dunno if I mentioned it already but I finished writing the sixth song for Mercalli XII. Half down, half to go. Now all we need to do is practice them, record them and start gigging and voilà: superstardom. Although maybe it won’t be that easy.

Ack, better start turning electrical appliances off before it all blows up.

Summer Sofia




Jari visited us yesterday and it was fun talking to him properly after a long time. Amazing how he manages to buy faulty products.

I finally received my degree! I’m officially an audiovisualist now. 😉 Time to start looking for a job, although somehow I suspect I might not be getting a full-time job doing audio stuff, as it requires connections I don’t yet have. I’m still gonna send out applications to any place I deem interesting enough..

Managed to finish the lyrics for Gift bringing our total number of written songs up to six, so my job as song writer is half-way finished from my goal of writing 12 songs! Not sure what I’ll be working on next.. Either Cop Car Chase or Cigarette Gaze, I think. Then there’e still JFK, Triage, Weird with the Beard and Hook, Line, Sinker… Goal is to finish them by the end of summer, which might be a bit unrealistic, but still a worthy challenge.

Game of Thrones is pretty much the best series I’ve ever seen. Right up there with The Pacific, Band of Brothers and other HBO masterpieces. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, do so now! Great character development and plot twists.

Right, enough for now, time to feed Sofia.

Could Be Worse

Yesterday Sofia and I went to my cousin’s graduation party. Sofia finally got to meet most of my relatives and she seemed to have fun clapping and waving. 😀

Check out Ringo Starr – 2nd Best Drummer in the Beatles by Blakfish! Definitely my song for the moment as I’ve been listening to it a lot. I’m digging the ending.

Let’s see.. What else is new. Been playing some Minecraft lately. I installed a Survivalism mod, which makes single player a bit more interesting. I also got new textures using the Painterly Pack, which made everything preeeetty. Haven’t played a lot of Project Reality lately, but it still interests me so I’ll get back to it eventually.

Still some organizing to do before I head to band practice…

Middle of the Night

Writing this abouts one in the night. Found a cool band called Blakfish. I’m really loving their album called Champions and song titles like Ringo Starr – 2nd Best Drummer in the Beatles. I urge anyone interested in music to check it out! Tomorrow I’m gonna go to our practice flat with Pate and play some musiiiic and perhaps we’ll release some tidbits for the world to amaze at. Been ages since I jammed with Pate so it should be interesting. 😀

Nina was visiting us today. Went out for a walk with her and Sofia, and we went to the store to buy some ice cream.. I actually took two, ha! Take that, welfare state! Also went out for a jog earlier today. Bought the running sneakers I was talking about earlier, so I’ve jogged this 3km route three times now and it feels pretty good! Otherwise I’ve been feeling pretty strange lately. A lack of purpose and direction again, so I gotta pick up myself again and figure shit out.

Had a proper training with MXII last Sunday resulting in a fourth song being somewhat ready. Still needs practice, though. Practice makes perfect.. Or at least adequate, hopefully. Blakfish is a bit like SikTh but less metal and more rock, but still heavy at times. Proper math rock. Cool sounds. Check it. Gonna go do other stuff now, while I still haz a motivayshun.