An Endless Task List

Life seems to have become an endless list of tasks to do. Automated being going through the motions of everyday life. Not nice.

I’ve had fun playing Project Reality, a Battlefield 2 modification that strives for realism. It’s weird how I’ve played it upwards of ten times on the net and I haven’t managed to get a single frag. I’ve been mostly playing medic, though, so I guess that might explain it. Problem is I can’t recognize the enemies from friendlies, so I hesitate to engage until I’m being fired upon.

Started writing a new song again for MXII. I don’t really know what it’s gonna be like, yet. I’ve got an idea for the lyrics, though, and the intro/chorus/whatever riff is done.

Managed to clean almost the entire apartment today. We’re trying out a new system for sharing tasks that need to be done around the home and this week dishing is Mia’s responsibility, while I take care of general of general cleanliness and Sofia takes care of being cute, waving and clapping. It’s working out fine this far, I guess.

Not much else to report.. Life is kinda boring for the moment.

Mia ja Sofia

Sofia and Mia


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