Can’t Gift It

Next up on my agenda: writing lyrics for Gift and recording a demo of Can’t Catch It. I finished writing Can’t Catch It yesterday evening, and it’s got some finished lyrics already. Might start with lyrics for Gift today, unless the Swadia RP server is relaunched, hewhew.

Been listening to a lot of new music lately. In fact I’m listening to the new Foo Fighters album at the moment, which can be heard here. I’m really digging how the music industry is changing and endorsing free streaming and Spotify and the likes. You can actually make an informed choice on whether or not you wanna buy something, which is cool! I’m not too impressed by Wasting Light yet, but I’ll reserve my judgment until I’ve listened to it some more. Another great album I stumbled upon is Radiohead’s new The King of Limbs. I’m addicted to the track called Little by Little, which has 79 plays on my page. Coolness.

Sofia is almost crawling! She’s trying to figure out the technique and slowly improving for each day.

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