Millions of things to do and not enough time to get it all done. Might have to reboot my GTD approach somehow. Currently I’m using Toodledo which is great and everything, but I find myself stuck in my errands, instead of getting proper stuff done. The problem might also be procrastination, but it feels like I’m doing the most important stuff now anyway. Weird.

Taping with Riku and Pate

We recorded the drums for Riku’s entrance exam assignment thingy. It was more fun than productive, but at least we got the job done. 😀 We came up with a simple little punk’ish song that was easy to play and fast to record, but still it took us a damn long while to get anything done. Today we’ll finish it up by recording some bass and guitars and maybe mix it, too.

What else is new? Well not new, but I was playing Project Reality again last night and damn was it fun. 😀 I still like the medic kit the most, but I guess I’ll learn the others simply by playing. I had some nice revives throwing smoke around and pulling people away from harms way.

Not much new on the band front, we’ll see what happens.


Lately I’ve been doing a lot of stuff! Tried out a mod for Battlefield 2 called Project Reality, which is pretty awesome. Rounds take up to three hours and people are forced to work in teams, yes! I also promised to go help a friend with his entrance examination assignment (or whatever you wanna call it) to get into an audio school, so Saturday is going to be fun (I’m legally obligated to say fun three more times) fun fun fun.

Finally bought some new clothes yesterday! Must have been the first time in about half a year, so it was about time.

Went out to play some football yesterday too, which was surprisingly arduous. I’m probably in the worst shape of my life and it feels like shit, to be honest. I should be exercising more and eating less and eating better foods. Few things feel as good as taking a shower after exercising.

Not much new on the band front, I guess. Put the CCI demo on Facebook in case you wanna listen to it there. 😀 I’ll probably be cooking up some own material soon. Got this weird syncopated idea.

Finally Caught

Recorded what was left of Can’t Catch It’s guitars. Here’s what the demo ended up like:

[audio:http://www.juhapaakko.fi/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/cci1.2.mp3|titles=Mercalli XII – Can’t Catch It (Demo)]

Pretty cool, but shorter than I originally thought it would be. The ending was the hardest part to record and I bet we’ll have some problems pulling it off live, but meh, we got time to practice. Next up I’ll probably record of a demo of LCD or Smothered, although I doubt they’re really needed. At least our fans (all three of you) will hear them before we record them properly. I also finished writing lyrics for CCI, but they might still need some work. We also decided to rearrange the verses of LCD, cos we had problems making any sensible vocals over them. Today we’ll go practice some more and see how stuff turns out.

Otherwise life is pretty shit, but whatever. Gonna go vote in the parliamentary elections today and see if anything cool happens. For some reason I feel like drinking coffee, but I’ll try to abstain. No sense in getting addicted for fun.

Walk This Way

Sofia is crawling now, and almost standing up on her own, too. That means I’m gonna be a lot more busier making sure she doesn’t hurt herself, which makes being home with her all day a lot more stressful than earlier. I tried creating a play pen for her out of soft objects I found around the apartment, but she doesn’t seem to like to be there. I’m constantly running around her with a pillow, so that when she eventually falls backwards it wouldn’t hurt too much.

Some more of Can’t Catch It, still missing some guitars. I’ll get to it when I have a chance.

[audio:http://www.juhapaakko.fi/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/cci1.1.mp3|titles=Mercalli XII – Can’t Catch It (Unfinished Demo)]

Song of the moment:

Missing Pages

Hadn’t noticed (thanks to Jari for pointing it out) that the page links that used to be on the top bar thingy had disappeared, and I have no idea how to get them back there, so I put them in the sidebar. I also updated the Mercalli XII section.

UPDATE: Jari got it fixed, yay.


Phew. Feels like a busy morning. Sofia went out on the balcony for a nap, so I thought I’d scribble something here. Sofia’s been advancing at a fast pace. She can almost crawl now and she seems to know how to successfully sit when she feels like it. Gonna go visit greatgrandma on Saturday with her and my brother and his girlfriend. Hopefully, Sofia will behave and not make any irreversible messes for anyone to clean up.

I’ve been getting into a nice zone every time I’ve worked with music lately. Wrote a few cool riffs and recorded the bass for Can’t Catch It’s demo.


It’s a bit off in a few parts, but hey, it’s just a demo. 😀 I haven’t really felt like mixing Makeshift lately, dunno why. Maybe it just slipped my mind. It takes a certain frame of mind to do it properly, and I don’t think I’ve been there in a while. Our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/mercallixii has received 40 likes already. That’s 40 fans. Imagine that. 😉

Can’t Gift It

Next up on my agenda: writing lyrics for Gift and recording a demo of Can’t Catch It. I finished writing Can’t Catch It yesterday evening, and it’s got some finished lyrics already. Might start with lyrics for Gift today, unless the Swadia RP server is relaunched, hewhew.

Been listening to a lot of new music lately. In fact I’m listening to the new Foo Fighters album at the moment, which can be heard here. I’m really digging how the music industry is changing and endorsing free streaming and Spotify and the likes. You can actually make an informed choice on whether or not you wanna buy something, which is cool! I’m not too impressed by Wasting Light yet, but I’ll reserve my judgment until I’ve listened to it some more. Another great album I stumbled upon is Radiohead’s new The King of Limbs. I’m addicted to the track called Little by Little, which has 79 plays on my last.fm page. Coolness.

Sofia is almost crawling! She’s trying to figure out the technique and slowly improving for each day.