Stay-at-home dad

So now I’m officially a stay-at-home dad. Although I like the term house-spouse better, cos of the rhyme. 😀 This seems pretty easy, when you’ve adjusted to it. I’ve managed to get Sofia to fall asleep at 20:00-21:00, so I have some me-me-me-me time at the end of the day, apart from the 2-3h she sleeps during the day. Finally had a chance to organize the living room and it feels empty again, because of a lack of furniture.

I met with Pate yesterday. We went to eat at moms, and they had some nice hamburgers there. Nomnom. We also discussed some band stuff and came to the conclusion that Smothered will the next song to be recorded and after that LCD… Which was pretty obvious.

United States politics is a damn interesting thing. It’s amazing how people can be fooled into submission or simply stop caring what happens in their government. Trickle-down-effect my ass. Give money to the middle class and it’s much more likely to be spent, than if you give it to the guys with billions.






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  1. Nina says:

    HOLY SH–
    What happened to Sofia’s eyes ó__ò

  2. Nina says:

    Sounds legit.

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