So I really got going with Makeshift yesterday and I’ve been positively surprised with what it sounds like after I tightened up the drums and bass, and added some of the effects from the old versions. There’s still some “crappy” stuff that needs to be taken care of, then I’ll start mixing it properly. Excitement!! Urkh, I hate how expensive software is by the way. 2 x 350e for proper vocal tuning software. Half of that would’ve been enough. Guess I’ll just have to save up.

Crazy stuff going on in Japan. That’s what you gotta consider bad luck with nuclear stuff: first two bombs and now a power plant. My heart goes out to everyone over there (although I doubt any of the people affected read my blog).

Went to pick up Sofia from bed in the morning a few days ago only to be greeted with this

She had pretty much thrashed the bed during the night; thrown around her sleep toys, pulled down the sun light cover we put up, displaced her pillow, etc. But she’s smiling, aww.

Gotta eat and then hit the shower, so I’ll get the rest of the day flowing.

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2 Responses to Shakemixing

  1. Nina says:

    Kirsti-mummo sanoi että onpa kiva kuva, kaunis lapsi 🙂

  2. Juha says:

    Onha se kiva ja kaunis

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