But I ain’t got wings

So I returned the Welho modem and nullified the contract! No more trying to get that useless piece of crap to work.

We finally managed to drag our asses to the practice flat and practice some MXII songs. Juho couldn’t make it, but we made the most of it and practiced some of our old hits… Some of which I managed to forget. We also tried removing the interlude in S.H.Arkfister, but it felt… wrong. We just never kinda play it further than the interlude, but we should, cos I get to play a solo. Damn you, I’ll insist on my solos from now on.

Been watching episodes of House to pass the time. One eye on Sofia and one eye on the monitor. 😀 I really like it, although for some reason if I don’t watch it for a longer period of time, I just don’t feel like watching it. I also managed to make my final assignment for school: an analysis of the sound in two scenes from the movie Chicken Run. Weirdly enough, I felt like I was procrastinating, even though I managed to finish it over a week before it was due.

I might be posting some album reviews soon, if I feel like writing down my thoughts. Also, I’m slowly turning into a beardo (which Mia is not enjoying)… Fun-fun-fun-fun.

Song of the moment:


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