Brand new day

Woosh, mornings go by so fast these days. Guess it’s because of the routine I have regarding Sofia, eating, showering, etc. Few things I wanna try getting done today: my errands list, mixing some Makeshift (which is coming along fine, btw.. just very slowly when you only got about four hours of me-time per day), sort out this business with Welho and have a guitar lesson.

I decided to change ISP to Welho, because they were offering 40mb Internet for the same price I’m currently playing for my Sonera 10mb one. Apparently Welho’s connection sucks though, cos the packet losses are upwards of 70%, while Sonera has a packet loss rate of 0%. Unless Welho gets packet loss down to 0% I’m gonna have to change back to Sonera for good. I’d rather have a working 10mb connection than a broken 40mb connection.

Back to being busy!


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