No Gifts for you!

Managed to record the last bit for the Gift demo. 😀 Have a taste.

[audio:|titles=Gift Demo 1.3]

What else is new? Well not much. Been playing Shogun 2, which is pretty awesome. Damn trade partners attacking me when my forces are annexing the mainland, though. Pretty dirty trick. 😡

Sofia is doing fine. Almost crawling already. Spending days with her has become more enjoyable, now that we’ve gotten her eating and sleeping patterns right. Less crying, more fun! More time for dad in the evenings. 😉 I also bought her some new toys, which she seems to enjoy.

Don't try this at home!



Got around to recording a demo of Gift. It’s still missing the last riff, but I finally figured out what to do with the outro. I’ll probably record it today or tomorrow, so stay tuned for the full version! 😀

[audio:|titles=Gift Demo]


Yay, income should be stabilized now. Applied for parenting benefits from KELA. Somehow it feels like I’m late with everything I should be doing lately, although I’m sure it’s not true in most cases.

There’s a crazy storm outside.. Almost a blizzard. Sofia keeps waking up on the balcony, but she falls right back to sleep.

I’m anxiously awaiting the reopening of Swadia’s RP server. The initial launch was cool, but riddled with bugs, which made the whole thing a bit messy, although we did manage to create some nice moments at the Rhodok fort. The Finnish national Warband team had a Nation’s Cup training match against Ukraine yesterday and we lost pretty badly. We managed to win a few rounds, but we had bad tactics and should’ve had more rangers.

Gift is starting to shape up into a nice little piece of business. I feel like it’ll be the first demo I’ll be recording. I still need to figure out the ending, but it’ll have two interludes.. The second interlude might actually become the outro, but I’m not sure yet, so I’ll keep trying out different stuff. Maybe I’ll get to some recording business later today, but I doubt it, unless time magically stops for everyone else but me. Fingers crossed.

Song of the moment:



But I ain’t got wings

So I returned the Welho modem and nullified the contract! No more trying to get that useless piece of crap to work.

We finally managed to drag our asses to the practice flat and practice some MXII songs. Juho couldn’t make it, but we made the most of it and practiced some of our old hits… Some of which I managed to forget. We also tried removing the interlude in S.H.Arkfister, but it felt… wrong. We just never kinda play it further than the interlude, but we should, cos I get to play a solo. Damn you, I’ll insist on my solos from now on.

Been watching episodes of House to pass the time. One eye on Sofia and one eye on the monitor. 😀 I really like it, although for some reason if I don’t watch it for a longer period of time, I just don’t feel like watching it. I also managed to make my final assignment for school: an analysis of the sound in two scenes from the movie Chicken Run. Weirdly enough, I felt like I was procrastinating, even though I managed to finish it over a week before it was due.

I might be posting some album reviews soon, if I feel like writing down my thoughts. Also, I’m slowly turning into a beardo (which Mia is not enjoying)… Fun-fun-fun-fun.

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Brand new day

Woosh, mornings go by so fast these days. Guess it’s because of the routine I have regarding Sofia, eating, showering, etc. Few things I wanna try getting done today: my errands list, mixing some Makeshift (which is coming along fine, btw.. just very slowly when you only got about four hours of me-time per day), sort out this business with Welho and have a guitar lesson.

I decided to change ISP to Welho, because they were offering 40mb Internet for the same price I’m currently playing for my Sonera 10mb one. Apparently Welho’s connection sucks though, cos the packet losses are upwards of 70%, while Sonera has a packet loss rate of 0%. Unless Welho gets packet loss down to 0% I’m gonna have to change back to Sonera for good. I’d rather have a working 10mb connection than a broken 40mb connection.

Back to being busy!



So I really got going with Makeshift yesterday and I’ve been positively surprised with what it sounds like after I tightened up the drums and bass, and added some of the effects from the old versions. There’s still some “crappy” stuff that needs to be taken care of, then I’ll start mixing it properly. Excitement!! Urkh, I hate how expensive software is by the way. 2 x 350e for proper vocal tuning software. Half of that would’ve been enough. Guess I’ll just have to save up.

Crazy stuff going on in Japan. That’s what you gotta consider bad luck with nuclear stuff: first two bombs and now a power plant. My heart goes out to everyone over there (although I doubt any of the people affected read my blog).

Went to pick up Sofia from bed in the morning a few days ago only to be greeted with this

She had pretty much thrashed the bed during the night; thrown around her sleep toys, pulled down the sun light cover we put up, displaced her pillow, etc. But she’s smiling, aww.

Gotta eat and then hit the shower, so I’ll get the rest of the day flowing.

Stay-at-home dad

So now I’m officially a stay-at-home dad. Although I like the term house-spouse better, cos of the rhyme. 😀 This seems pretty easy, when you’ve adjusted to it. I’ve managed to get Sofia to fall asleep at 20:00-21:00, so I have some me-me-me-me time at the end of the day, apart from the 2-3h she sleeps during the day. Finally had a chance to organize the living room and it feels empty again, because of a lack of furniture.

I met with Pate yesterday. We went to eat at moms, and they had some nice hamburgers there. Nomnom. We also discussed some band stuff and came to the conclusion that Smothered will the next song to be recorded and after that LCD… Which was pretty obvious.

United States politics is a damn interesting thing. It’s amazing how people can be fooled into submission or simply stop caring what happens in their government. Trickle-down-effect my ass. Give money to the middle class and it’s much more likely to be spent, than if you give it to the guys with billions.






Sunday Morning

Sunday might be the best day of the week! There’s not much that needs to be accomplished. I might do something today, or I might not. I’m gonna try to, but not promising anything, so don’t get your hopes up.

I might play guitar, try out some Minecraft, vacuum clean, or not. No promises.

Pic related.

Free at last, free at last!

No more work! Well just Monday next week, but other than that, nothing! Except the guitar lessons. That’s almost freedom, right? 😀 Just gonna lazy around to start with and get stuff done at home. I’ve got several projects half-way through or thought out that need to be finished or simply executed. Talking about finished projects, here’s something I edited:

Features some explicit language! It’s a gaming event we had with our M&B: Warband clan. Basically a horse race with throwing weapons. 😉 Gonna post another video later once I’ve rendered it! Now I need to get back to getting stuff done…