Recurring Ear Infections…

…suck. I think I’ve got one targeting me again. I’ve taken pain killers and am using some of the left-over ear drops from the last time I was plagued, so I should be able to function normally.

Mia had a birthday party yesterday, yay! It was fun. I mostly talked to Nina (moi ^_^;) and we watched a Mexican documentary on crime scene photographers. Intriguing and pretty brutal.

Only three days of work left.. Approx. It’s hard to say when I have no idea of what speed I’ll be able to mix the rest of the songs, but it should flow, since I’ve gotten it started already. Haven’t had a chance to work on Makeshift, though, cos of life and displaced focus.

Sofia will be coming home later in the evening so I have chance to spend some me-time! Probably play some Warband or music or something.


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