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Anyways, a lot’s been happening. We moved to Soukka! It’s been tough, since we don’t have any furniture and we’re acquiring it rather slowly. Still no kitchen table, no chairs to sit on, only a 15″ TV that only works once in a while. At least we have a bed to sleep on and a fridge to keep our food in. Oh, and Mia just “installed” a mirror. 😀 And thanks to Jari we also haz a washing machine. So apparently I have enough clothes to go two weeks without washing any, who would’ve known!

Mercalli XII is doing great! We’re practicing about twice a week now, although our bass player Juho is at the frontlines fighting the enemy! Russkis or someones. But we’re managing without him, even though some songs sound very empty without a bass. Our current song list is:

  • S.H.Arkfister
  • Makeshift (The HIV)
  • Can’t Catch It
  • Smothered (That’ll Be the Day)
  • Cigarette Gaze
  • Gift
  • LCD
  • Triage

Thaaaaat’s 8. Still need 6 more for an album, but yea, I’m working on it!

Which brings us to our next subject: I work. A lot. Too much? Headache. End of discussion.

Now I will devour pizzah, get Sofia to sleep, try to figure out Toodledo for a while and go to bed.

P.S. Got an iPhone 4 . It pwns my old Sony-Ericsson.

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