Mix it up!

Sooooo. Today will be a nice day if everything goes according to plans. Yesterday evening/night we hauled some stuff to the practice flat in preparation for today and we’ll be recording live versions of a few Mercalli XII songs at our practice flat! It’ll be Just Awesome.

What else is new… I’ve started listening to Marc Maron’s WTF podcast. He’s got some cool guests and his interview style is to my liking. I found it through Doug Benson’s Doug Loves Movies and Jimmy Pardo’s Never Not Funny, both hilarious podcasts I’ve been listening to for years. So check them out if you’re bored.

Downloaded the Magicka demo a few days ago via Steam and it was fun, so I decided to buy the entire game! You can play it in co-op mode with three other players, so I’m looking forward to that. Also tried to cool map for L4D2 which is set in the Helm’s Deep fortress from Lord of the Rings. Very entertaining!

iPhone + Mixer

Like I mentioned in my last post, I got an iPhone! It’s pretty awesome, and the capabilities are amazing. I don’t really understand why people think Angry Birds is so good. It feels like a very basic flash game on the internets for me. I also changed my GTD system from RememberTheMilk to Toodledo, which might be more in line with what I need. Also bought a new mixer (Phonic AM844D) for Mercalli XII practice sessions. We’ll be able to sum signals and record them into four channels of ProTools – the current plan is to record drums in mono, vocals in mono, then bass and guitars in stereo.

Gotta go feed ze’kid and wash the dishes.


Surprise! 3,378 new comments. 100% spam. Wow.

Anyways, a lot’s been happening. We moved to Soukka! It’s been tough, since we don’t have any furniture and we’re acquiring it rather slowly. Still no kitchen table, no chairs to sit on, only a 15″ TV that only works once in a while. At least we have a bed to sleep on and a fridge to keep our food in. Oh, and Mia just “installed” a mirror. 😀 And thanks to Jari we also haz a washing machine. So apparently I have enough clothes to go two weeks without washing any, who would’ve known!

Mercalli XII is doing great! We’re practicing about twice a week now, although our bass player Juho is at the frontlines fighting the enemy! Russkis or someones. But we’re managing without him, even though some songs sound very empty without a bass. Our current song list is:

  • S.H.Arkfister
  • Makeshift (The HIV)
  • Can’t Catch It
  • Smothered (That’ll Be the Day)
  • Cigarette Gaze
  • Gift
  • LCD
  • Triage

Thaaaaat’s 8. Still need 6 more for an album, but yea, I’m working on it!

Which brings us to our next subject: I work. A lot. Too much? Headache. End of discussion.

Now I will devour pizzah, get Sofia to sleep, try to figure out Toodledo for a while and go to bed.

P.S. Got an iPhone 4 . It pwns my old Sony-Ericsson.