Monday Morning

Ach, another Monday. The ear infenction is still bothering me, I forgot my lunch at home, and I have shitloads of things I should do this week. I sent in the application to Espoon Kruunu, so now we play the waiting game, since I doubt we can afford a rent apartment from a private company. Been listening to a lot of No Doubt, Frank Zappa and The Mars Volta lately! Tragic Kingdom is such an awesome album.

Speaking of music: Mercalli XII’s first demo song is almost done! Yesterday I mixed it for some 6-7 hours and today I’m gonna go finish it up. I’m still unsure regarding the effects in the middle part, but I’m sure I’ll figure something out, if I sit in front of the mixing desk long enough. 😀 So, hopefully I’ll be able to put it up this week! I’ve also been writing some new material, which has been surprisingly effortless. I guess I’m getting back into the zone when it comes to composing.

By the way, 300 monthly visits on my website! 95% is probably search engines and spambots, but hey! It’s still an achievement, I guess. 😀

UPDATE: The Return of the Ear Infection..  That means probably no music for you!

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