Cured! (At least almost)

Visiting the doctors paid off! I’m on my way to good health again. 😀 Both ears are still infected, but it’s just a question of time until they’re back to normal. I’m still banned from using headphones, which makes the bus rides to and from work a bit boring. At least I have the internets to browse. I’ll also have to disinfect my headphones properly, because apparently the bacteria that still resides in my ear is a tough bastard and will use every chance it has to infect me again! Life goes on…

Tomorrow I might finish mixing S.H.Arkfister. Depends on the key situation at work. After two and a half weeks away from work I’ve got a lot of self-set deadlines pushing on me.

No word from Espoon Kruunu regarding the flat they were promising us. The worst case scenario would be that they passed on us, because we didn’t send all the papers they wanted fast enough. Sofia learned to roll on her side today! It looks funny, the way she swings her legs to build momentum and then ends up on her side. 😀 I’m not sure if babies of that age should be doing it, but she seems exceptional in many ways!

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