Autumn is here and more change is in the air. Mercalli XII is progressing well; recording of our first two-song-demo is almost finished and we’ve got 5-6 songs in the forge. Sofia is a blessing, but she requires a lot of time from both Mia and me, which isn’t easy, since we’re both used to being busy with our own things.

Work is busy, which is good! I could do without the long hours and weekend shifts, though, but just because it would be cool to have more time for myself, not because I wouldn’t like doing what I do at work. I got to record an awesome band last weekend, which was fun!

Someone needs to figure out a way to cram more hours into a day.. I guess about 32 hours would be enough: 8 for working, 8 hours for sleep, 8 for family, 8 for my music/games/exercising. Easiest way would be to decrease Earth’s rotation speed, but I guess that’s not happening anytime soon.


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