Cthulhu on South Park

Cthulhu lives! He made an appearance on the newest South Park episode (S14E11 Coon 2: Hindsight, watch it here), when British Petroleum wakes him up from his sleep. The first part of a two-parter, the episode itself was okay. Nothing special, basic South Park for people who have watched it for ages. The episodes from the past few seasons have all been hit-or-meh, but I’m still gonna keep watching it for those rare diamonds.

Check out the video of Cthulhu raging! Also check out my original post on a few Cthulhu mythos books!


Autumn is here and more change is in the air. Mercalli XII is progressing well; recording of our first two-song-demo is almost finished and we’ve got 5-6 songs in the forge. Sofia is a blessing, but she requires a lot of time from both Mia and me, which isn’t easy, since we’re both used to being busy with our own things.

Work is busy, which is good! I could do without the long hours and weekend shifts, though, but just because it would be cool to have more time for myself, not because I wouldn’t like doing what I do at work. I got to record an awesome band last weekend, which was fun!

Someone needs to figure out a way to cram more hours into a day.. I guess about 32 hours would be enough: 8 for working, 8 hours for sleep, 8 for family, 8 for my music/games/exercising. Easiest way would be to decrease Earth’s rotation speed, but I guess that’s not happening anytime soon.


Mercalli XII demo update

Today! Is the day! We celebrate! Our independence… No wait. Today we recorded ALL of my guitar parts for the S.H.Arkfister/Makeshift demo, which is unofficially titled “Master Bait”. Ha. Not really. But anyway, my solo in Fister pwned! It’s about the same level of awesome as the solo in the earlier demo. 😀 Here’s a link to Pate’s site with some media from our last visit to the studio, including a hilarious video: http://patrickenckell.blogspot.com/2010/10/mxii.html.

UPDATE FOR THE UPDATE!: Pate made this awesome video! CHECK IT OUT! I apologize for the cursing. 😀

Mercalli XII in studio!

Yesterday we headed for the studio with the intent to record drums and bass for two tracks: S.H.Arkfister and Makeshift (HIV), and we left the darkness of the control room with just that. 😀 There were some pics and video taken (a few pics taken with Pate’s new iPhone 4, which seems awesome. I’ll probably have to get one myself), and I’ll probably post some later, once I get my hands on them. Our new..  uh.. not really that new, when I think of it.. bass player Juho pretty much pwned the basslines, which was awesome. Stay tuned for media!

What’s going down, hamburg!

Boy, not a lot of updates lately! I’ll blame the baby. I’ve been really busy with band stuff too. Currently Mercalli XII has two songs that are pretty much finished, and another three songs that are shaping up well. Funny thing, you can write music on the bus, if you can concentrate with all the roadbumps and near-death-experiences, etc. 😀

Oh yea, a couple of my friends opened blogs of their own,  inspired by a course in creating webpages (and undoubtedly my blog of!… right?… Oh c’mon.) so I’ll just plug them, Ari’s is at http://ari-salo.blogspot.com/ and Pate’s is at http://patrickenckell.blogspot.com/