I’ve been reading webcomics for several years now. I think it started with Ctrl+Alt+Del or maybe the discontinued Mall Monkeys, which is still readable thanks to The Wayback Machine!).

I only follow one comic that originated in print media: Dilbert. To be honest, it’s not laugh out loud funny, but sometimes it just hits the right spot with its sometimes violent office humour and makes me chuckle. Like this one:

Another long time favourite of mine is Cat and Girl, which is another hit or miss type of thing. It’s not always meant to be funny, but some sort of social commentary, I guess. Here’s one I liked:

There are also a few webcomics that can be seen as classics, even though they’ve existed for much less time than Garfield or Calvin and Hobbes. One of the most popular is xkcd, which has its strips voted very high on digg on a regular basis. There’s one thing about xkcd, that I’m not sure everyone knows: If you hold the mouse on top of the comic you get a little bonus sentence, which usually tops it off quite well. Try it!

Another great one is Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. It pretty much goes in the same category with xkcd, in that is has some smartsy humour, which sometimes is beyond me. Might be the funniest one I read, because it surprises me regularly with TRUE HILARITY. The latest one succeeds at that:

Continuing with the smartsy ones, here’s DOGHOUSEDIARIES. It often compares men and women, and sometimes it’s just a graph, and the humour is often observational. The style is similar to xkcd, in that it’s simple and to the point (and it  has the “secret” hold-your-mouse-on-top-of-image-for-extra-content). I’m not saying that everyone could draw this, but it won’t take you five years in art school to be able to draw these images. It’s the content that matters:

Spud Comics reminds me of classic newspaper cartoons in that it’s more dull than funny, but I keep following, because of gems like this:

There’s only one purely skeptic/atheistic comic I follow and it’s called Jesus and Mo. Mo is short for Mohammed and Jesus is well.. Jesus Christ. It also features The Barmaid, the voice of reason, and Moses, the voice of new age spirituality gone horribly wrong. It pretty much always makes fun of Islam and Christianity. (WARNING: CONTAINS IMAGES OF MOHAMMED… You’ve been warned)

The next one is a bit esoteric. POPSTRIP is the longest comic I know. As in that the average amount of panels per strip is somewhere closer to 50. This is a shorter one though:

AmazingSuperPowers is a new one for me. It’s really well drawn, which sets it apart from the stick-figure webcomics. Here’s a strip containing some tongue-in-cheek social commentary:

Cyanide & Happiness may be considered offensive by many, and it doesn’t really hold punches. They also make videos, which are hilarious, but here’s a comic:

That’s it! All the comics I read on a regular basis. Phew, this post took ages to write. Hope you find a few ones you like and maybe you’ll continue reading in the future!

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