Stillborn, still not finished

So once upon a time me, Ari and Neven started practicing the acoustic version of Zakk Wylde’s Stillborn. A lot of time has passed since then, but a few months ago we decided with Ari to record our version and maybe make it something more than a bare bones acoustic version. Soon we had recruited Pate to be our drummer (yea, no one saw that one coming…) and Miiro to play some guitar parts!

Today we recorded guitars at my place, after recording the drums maybe a week ago (?) at our practice flat… The second solo is still unfinished (my solo, didn’t have the patience today to improwrite something) and we still haven’t recorded vocals, but we’ll get on it in the near future. I PROMISE! I’m really happy with the guitar sounds, but the low end might turn out to be troublesome in the mix..


Download Stillborn2.2-192


Bounced a new version and thought I might aswell put it here..

Download [download id=”1″]


P.S.: Vocals will be recorded next week, so stay tuned!

UPDATE 15.08.2010!

Yet another version. The drums have now been resampled! I’m quite happy with ze sounds. Tomorrow I’ll rerecord my solo (if I have the time) and go to Ari’s place and record vowels and consonants in rapid succession.

Download Stillborn3.2

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10 Responses to Stillborn, still not finished

  1. Ari Salo says:

    perhana ku on hyvät skebasaundit 🙂

  2. Miiro says:

    On kyl rouhee skebasoundi, ku kuuntelee nyt kotona. Niistä Geneleceistä lähes mikä vaan kuulostaa hyvältä 8D

  3. Pate says:

    Kyl saundaa hyvält noi kepit. <3

  4. Juha says:

    Jotenki outo suhina nois akustisis skebois ku streamaa tost suoraan. Varmaa toi hemmetin pakkaus tai jotai..

  5. Pate says:

    En mä ainakaa huomaa mitää suhinaa näil tarjoustalon popeil. 😀

  6. Juha says:

    Mä pelästyin jo sen verran, et olin jo valmis äänittämää ne uusiks. Sit kuuntelin sen alkuperäsen .wav-filun ja tajusin et se on vaa tossa versiossa. 😀

  7. Ari Salo says:

    no,juha,missä se versio on mis on niit lauluiki???? o.O

  8. Juha says:

    No, Ari, mä en jaksanu laittaa sitä eilen illal ku olin iha poikki!!!!! -_____-

  9. Ari Salo says:

    jaajaa, ajattelin et se oli jo täällä ku pate oli kuullu sen ja pisti viestii siit… my bad ^___^

  10. Juha says:

    Tein siit iha uuden kirjotuksen 😀

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