Stillborn – Now with vocals!

Had some fun times at Ari’s place recording vocals for Stillborn yesterday! After some intensive 3 hours of recording we decided to call it a night and continue later. Next time we’ll record in the sauna and get an even hotter and warmer sound. Just remember to heat it up before I arrive. 🙂


Download Stillborn3.6-224.mp3

Save your consoul!

Found a cool video on YouTube by Lasse Gjertsen! He’s made all kind of funky vids that he uploads on YouTube and this one is quite amazing. It’s animated in 8-bit Nintendo style and has a story and all kinds of references to video games. Clocking in at 12min it’s quite long, but try to endure.  😛

If you like it, you might wanna subscribe to his channel at!

Review: Alice in Chains – Dirt

This week’s album review is of an album I feel like I might be listening to a lot in the future. Dirt is the second album released by Alice in Chains way back in the year of 1992 (when yours truly only was 6 years old). I’ve never really gotten a grip of Alice in Chains before. I always liked the songs Rooster, Would? and a few others, but somehow interest beyond that eluded me. One evening I decided to give it a shot, though, and I listened to Dirt thoroughly and realized it is AWESOME. My current favourite tracks are Them Bones, Rain When I Die, Hate to Feel and God Smack.

I think the element that fascinates me most about this album is the same element that I really love in Nirvana: None of the songs sound the same. There are a lot of cool, experimental things found in every song, e.g. Them Bones has the 7/8 guitar riff, God Smack has the weird vibrato vocal, the unconventional rhythm and stops in the Hate to Feel chorus, etc. Every song has something that sets it apart from the other songs, which keeps the album interesting all the way through. The lyrics on the album deal with war, addiction and other gloomy themes, so it might be a bit of a downer, if you’re in a happy mood.

Track listing

1. Them Bones
2. Dam That River
3. Rain When I Die
4. Down in a Hole
5. Sickman
6. Rooster
7. Junkhead
8. Dirt
9. God Smack
10. Iron Gland
11. Hate to Feel
12. Angry Chair
13. Would?

Stillborn, still not finished

So once upon a time me, Ari and Neven started practicing the acoustic version of Zakk Wylde’s Stillborn. A lot of time has passed since then, but a few months ago we decided with Ari to record our version and maybe make it something more than a bare bones acoustic version. Soon we had recruited Pate to be our drummer (yea, no one saw that one coming…) and Miiro to play some guitar parts!

Today we recorded guitars at my place, after recording the drums maybe a week ago (?) at our practice flat… The second solo is still unfinished (my solo, didn’t have the patience today to improwrite something) and we still haven’t recorded vocals, but we’ll get on it in the near future. I PROMISE! I’m really happy with the guitar sounds, but the low end might turn out to be troublesome in the mix..


Download Stillborn2.2-192


Bounced a new version and thought I might aswell put it here..

Download [download id=”1″]


P.S.: Vocals will be recorded next week, so stay tuned!

UPDATE 15.08.2010!

Yet another version. The drums have now been resampled! I’m quite happy with ze sounds. Tomorrow I’ll rerecord my solo (if I have the time) and go to Ari’s place and record vowels and consonants in rapid succession.

Download Stillborn3.2


Music Gear page

Made a section about my music gear! Check it out if you’ve always wanted to know how I got that sound in that one song that I did that one time..

In other gear related news check this out! I’ve bought several plugins from at cheap prices and they’ve done it again. Toontrack Drumtracker for just 15 euros (Thomann sells it for 84 euros). It’s a download only special, so you won’t get any boxes or anything, but from an environmentalist perspective that’s a good thing. It’s a limited time offer, so if you’re the least bit interested in sampling drums, check it out!

Gimme some bass!

Hokay. Did the act of ultimate sin for live purists: overdubbing on a live performance! Recorded bass over the two songs I posted earlier, giving them some true cojones.

Download MXII – Makeshift (Treenis Live with Bass)
[audio:|titles=MXII – Makeshift (Treenis Live with Bass)]

Download MXII – S.H. Arkfister (Treenis Live with Bass)
[audio:|titles=MXII – S.H. Arkfister (Treenis Live with Bass)]