Album review: Myotonia – Myotonia (2007)

Myotonia is the self-titled album released by Myotonia, a 5-man band hailing from Oakland, California.  The band quit playing together in the end of 2008. I discovered this album a few years ago when looking for new music on the internet and having never heard anything quite like it I didn’t really know what to think. The only band I could think of that was close was Meshuggah.

Having listened to the album for a few years now I’ve come to this conclusion: This album is without doubt one of the tightest, loudest noises ever recorded. The album’s first track begins with a full band assault of your eardrums. No intro that slowly builds up, no basic guitar riff times four and then the band comes in, just an explosion of sound. The music has complex structures with slower breakdowns, where everyone seems to drift apart from each other, only to join together in another blast of music. There are new things to hear every time you listen to a song; so many elements that go unnoticed until you’ve listened to a song several times. Another interesting things are the rhythms, relying heavily on Meshuggah type odd timings, that at first seem to make no sense, but once listened to several times you’ll find the patterns. One of these realizations happened to me while listening to Got Cat, which has one of the most awesome outros recorded ever. The intro of Got Cat has a beat of 7 + 7 + 2, which took me some time to figure out. Anyway,

There was a time when I listened to nothing else but this album for hours, which is physically fatiguing, and I noticed I was getting headaches… which only shows how awesome this music is. 😀 This album has inspired me as a musician a lot and I think everyone who likes progressive metal, extreme metal or anything like that, should give this album a listen. At least check out a few of the songs for free on Myotonia’s MySpace page, and if you like the songs you can buy them on iTunes or Myotonia’s CD Baby page.

Track listing:

1. Total Protonic Reversal
2. Got Cat
3. Industrial Melanoma
4. Alligator Fukhaus
5. Art of an Exit
6. Tunnel Gag
7. Media Vision
8. Reverse Birth Tactics

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