Frustrating. Deadlines and exam dates don’t move when you’re suffering from a pesky virus, but you’re unable to follow your study schedule. Got 4-5 books I should be plowing through, but I’m stuck, because I cannot touch a course book when I’m feeling ill. Weirdest form of singletasking.

A Change of Pace

There is injustice in my life that I cannot correct. That’s a lot for me to stomach. My calm exterior might hide a quelled wrath, but how long can I maintain a facade.. Someone “who knows the price of everything, but the value of nothing.” The value of nothing! Someone who’d rather destroy than give away something that’s not even theirs to give away. The price will ultimately exceed and be theirs to pay.

Went to the beach today. Summer is better than ever.


Found myself a new(ish) game to play from Steam’s holiday sale: Civilization 5! A few things have changed since Civ3, which is the last installment I played of the series. It’s a good time sink if nothing else!